Are you living life on your terms?
Let's find out together - at no cost to you.

Most people don’t have someone they can confide in. Whether that’s a mentor or a male figure, having a trusted guide to work through deep, personal, and professional matters can make all the difference. That’s why I decided to make my coaching services donation-based instead of charging for each session.
Pay what you can to support but the most important thing is not how much, but how committed you are to your own transformation.

Personal Consultation

Through Personal Consultation and mentorship, we’ll work together to identify barriers and internal conflicts that prevent you from moving forward in life. You’ll learn how to overcome fixed mindsets, strengthen your relationships with others, and build emotional resilience.

Business Consultation

Using my background as an entrepreneur and financial services expert, we’ll map out your vision for your business and develop actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Relationship Consultation

Struggling to overcome challenges in your relationships? From life partners to business partners, I’ll help you learn how to spot (and overcome) unhealthy patterns and build stronger connections.


a 30 Minutes



Stop waiting for permission to be you and start finding your voice