At 6’6 and 340 lbs, I’m used to “standing out.” But underneath the towering presence is a heart that genuinely cares about people and understands the challenges of our human experience. From strangers to neighbors, this God-given gift has earned me the nickname “Uncle LeRonn.”

Discover. Commit. Change

In 2010, I officially filed for bankruptcy after the housing market crash in 07-08. As a real estate investor, the recession impacted my ability to maintain the mortgage on multiple properties. It was a difficult season in our family’s lives. My wife and three children had to bear the brunt of it. We lost our financial independence and had to move in with family 3 years later. Fortunately, I was able to persevere and rebuild our finances thereafter. Just as things had turned around, in 2019 we got some devastating news – I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. And with the added burden of the pandemic, this could’ve been the perfect storm to spiral into chaos.

But God had other plans. Instead of allowing these events to define me, He helped me use what I learned to empower others.
These life experiences combined with my business background as an entrepreneur and strong foundation in my faith inspired me to become the uncle that people could trust. The shoulder they can lean on, the ears that listen with intent, and the voice that believes in them.

My work is my passion.

I remember the first time I helped a passenger uncover some things that initiated a powerful healing on a 15-minute ride. I knew I always had a knack for connecting with people and helping them overcome challenges. But during this particular trip, I used my own life experiences to help her get a new perspective on a difficult situation she was in.
I started driving after retiring from a diverse career in finance, property management, production, and entrepreneurial ventures. Over time, these breakthrough encounters with unsuspecting passengers became more and more frequent.
I realized that I had created a safe space during these trips where strangers could freely talk about some of their deepest internal conflicts – some of which they’d never shared with anyone. And I committed to continuing this work as a life coach and mentor.
I decided to take these encounters from my car into a life coaching career. But I wanted to keep one thing consistent – family doesn’t charge family. I mean, your uncle wouldn’t charge you per hour to give you advice, would he? I’m dedicated to giving people a safe space to be vulnerable and be themselves. Money has a tendency to make things feel transactional. So, while I accept donations and follow a “pay-what-you-can” fee, I want to do everything in my power to make this mentorship and coaching accessible to anyone in need.

Stop waiting for permission to be you and start finding your voice